Who We Are


We speak healthcare. We understand its data. We know how they come together.

Healthcare is on the brink of enormous change. What has worked in the past isn't working anymore. We harness our expertise to help organizations navigate the changing landscape by using their data and technology in the smartest + most relevant ways possible.

We excel at using the tools, data, and platforms you already have to find a cohesive story and maximize your data's analytic value. We've waded through noise to empower cost savings, value-based success, operational efficiencies, actionable reporting + more.

Our clients  often underfunded and serving the most vulnerable members of society on a shoestring  rely on us as trusted and flexible partners in a changing industry.

What We Do


We don't "just" do data and analytics.
We make your data and analytics work.

Through data-driven management, our clients widen margins, improve efficiency, unlock dollars, and innovate better care. With data, we fuel smarter decisions and initiatives, give you a data-supported voice, distill accurate information, and provide  technical relief. We hit the ground running.

  • "Hired gun" analysis & data advisory
  • Design, interpret, build meaningful reporting with existing data & solutions.
  • Consulting Analytics Officer: informatics strategy, vendor evaluation, tech specs

We have fueled transformational and data-reliant projects across the continuum for hospitals, provider groups, payers, non-profit, consultants, and vendors. Let's chat.

How We Do It


Your team + our team:

Are you making the most of your data assets and purchased platforms? With more data and technology at our fingertips than ever before, we have never been so poised to serve our communities better, smarter, and healthier. But despite all of this available information, organizations still struggle to marry it all together in an impactful way.

We can help. From coding in the technical weeds to high-stakes presentations for the C-suite, we'll tie together every piece in between — your data, your story, your terms.

We help our partners move to a data-driven culture that is mirrored in their long-term strategy, bringing all the individual pieces together and informing the big picture.

Your data is complex. Your 'SME's are slammed. Let's chat.

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